The Main Italian VCs are looking towards Asia

The 5 main Italian Innovation VCs protagonists in Beijing to grow in China

From 28 February to 1 March 2019, the main players in the Italian Venture Financing scenario will be in Beijing with over 10 of the most important Chinese VCs in a two-day time to build a collaborative framework on the Sino- Italian axis of the New Economy.

Indaco Venture Partners, Invitalia Ventures, P101, United Ventures, 360 Capital Partners are the five VC funds involved in the closed-door work table, the first of its kind:

in line with the mission of Tech Silu, which since 2015 catalyzes FDI and supports the expansion of Italian tech and innovation in China, the event aims to create a united front in the Italian Venture landscape in close collaboration with China, providing a concrete response and opportunity to the current macroeconomic situation of China. On the other hand, it remains evident that the growth and expansion of local tech companies must necessarily have global characteristics.

In this context, China and Southern Europe, considering their respective statuses and global trends (HR, Startup, Ecosystem Performance) represent a combination that is particularly suitable for developing and raising the standards of a global innovation economy.

In addition to major private players, the presence of Invitalia Ventures reflects the growing attention of the public sector to the stimulus of private capital in the NewTech Italian ecosystem;

Among the Chinese funds, will be China Renaissance Group (leading financial institution present on China and USA, 4.1 billion USD), CAS Venture Capital (main branch of the Academy of Science, 1.3 billion USD), Gobi Partners (active since 2002, China-ASEAN investment leader in IT, 1.1 billion USD) and several other actors such as Jing Dong and Innoway respectively the second largest e-commerce platform in China and the Beijing Government’s innovation center. In total, they represent a managed capital exceeding 10 billion USD.

The appointment will be repeated annually but, with the facilitation of Tech Silu, the progress and collaboration between the VCs involved will be continuous and structured on the deal-flow and needs of the respective institutions.

The closed-door round table will focus on the analysis of future trends in the 4.0 industries and on the profit prospects in the Eurasian context.

Three main phases:

  1. Discover: starting from illustrating the basics of the tech fabric, the trends, and the size of China, discover the importance of a direct and fixed presence in China to operate on the market with efficiency and concrete results. Understand the importance of “making a system” to adapt to the size and challenges/opportunities of the Chinese market.
  2. Engage: analyze and define together with Chinese counterparts (round table), through design thinking processes, the strategic and operational standards of a cooperative framework between Italian and Chinese VCs.
  3. Networking: moments of confrontation aimed at creating what in China is called 关系 (guanxi) or trust among the participants.

On this occasion, Tech Silu will announce the creation of a Joint Venture with the Chinese Investment Fund Bokan Technology for the financial development of the tech companies present in the ChinaLab program (tailor-made go-to-market advisory program for the European tech companies in China).