Italian Scale-Up Initiative in China 2017: Road to success

Italian Tech conquers China with ISIC2017! The Italian Scale-ups Initiative in China 2017 has come to its conclusion. As the only initiative for the New Italian Economy in China, ISIC2017 has highlighted three national innovative companies, reaching important achievements across Chinese territory within one week. Last but not least result which has been accomplished is…Read More

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ISIC2017: The Italian technologies which win in China

D-Orbit, and X-Next are the Best3 ScaleUps moving through the New Tech Silk Road. Italian ScaleUp Initiative in China, organized by Tech Silu (TS), China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CCIC) and ThinkInChina (TiC), launched in April and confirmed by abundant subscriptions, is moving towards its last phase. The final event will take place in Beijing…Read More

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Tech Silu announces Best10 startups for ISIC2017

3rd round completed! The Italian ScaleUp Initiative in China and its judging panel progressively selects the best Italian scaleups accelerating them into the Chinese market and empowering both countries’ Startups Ecosystem. The BEST3 scaleups will be the main guests of the Final Event*, taking place in Beijing and organized by Tech Silu, CICC ( China…Read More

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ISIC2017 – 22 selected startups

Tech Silu is pleased to inform that the first results of ISIC2017 are now available. Thanks to a vibrant Startup Ecosystem, the first call for Italian Scaleups in China had a great success including different and strategic industries, disruptive technologies, professional teams and a high degree of innovation. The Committee has selected 22 Startups to pass…Read More


Update: ISIC2017 – Italian Scale-Up Initiative in China

We are pleased to share an important update about ISIC2017: The call for innovative Italian startups in the framework of the ISIC 2017 – Italian Scale-up Initiative in China 2017 successfully closed on April 24th 2017. More than 50 candidates have applied, highlighting the great importance of this initiative. Given the high number of candidacies and in order…Read More

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The fourth Italy – China Business forum and what it means for Start-ups

During this week two events linked to China and Italy happened. The first is the visit of Italian President Sergio Mattarella and his meeting with the Chinese President Xi Jinping. The second was the fourth China – Italy Business Forum, particularly important for the whole Italian-System, and with some good news for the Italian Start-up…Read More


Trending in China: Car Sharing

China is the perfect recipient for a huge development of car sharing services. As the sharing economy is getting more and more traction all over the globe, so is in China. We already saw the fast improvement in the bike sharing services in China in the last few months. I strongly believe that in the…Read More

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Weaving Digitaloom

Weaving the strings of a loom is one of the first technologies invented by the human kind, to make their own clothes in order to cover themselves and be protected. Now in this Fourth Industry Revolution, we can easily see this kind of technology also for digital and innovation. As long as October was our…Read More

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Success Stories: ONTC – Fencing Equipment

One of the first Innovative Startup that has joined Tech Silu’s China focused internationalisation programs has recently closed an important funding round! When hard work gives us excellent results, the only thing we can do is telling about all the story and shout: Mission Achieved! One of the first Innovative Startups that has joined Tech Silu’s China focused…Read More