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Call for AI Disruptors: GMIC Beijing 2018. Apply Now!

Call for AI disruptors: Tech Silu is selecting 10 Italian Startups for GMIC Beijing, the AI Global Conference in China. Apply now! Are you an AI Disruptor? Then … You can’t ignore China. Why China? “BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent) are getting ready to do battle with US giants to deliver AI online” – Technologyreview…Read More

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FOUNDERs & FUNDERs: a double interview with Velunia.

Behind every successful investment, there is a Story of strong collaboration between the Startup, the Chinese Entrepreneur and Tech Silu Team, both in Italy and China. It is important to highlight some parts of this process that represents the key of Success in every and each investment operation which connects Founders and Funders not only…Read More

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The impact of Chinese Ethnic Economy and Entrepreneurship on Italian SMEs ecosystem

How Chinese immigrants entrepreneurs are contributing to the Italian SMEs economy and growth. Entrepreneurship in China has grown at an exponential rate forging disruptive changes not only to China but increasingly also to the rest of the world. China’s entrepreneurial spirit runs deeper than just in business. It manifests itself in the government and in…Read More