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Italian Startup – The Road to Success

Beijing, March 18th – At the Italian Culture Insitute inside the Italian Embassy, it had been hold the event ” Invest in Italy, Invest in your Future: experience the Italian beauty & innovation”.

Italians, just like Chinese, are historically well known to be inventors and innovators. Nowadays, Italian Startup environment is lively and focused on innovation and on future challenges. These are just few key points presented by the representative of the Italian Embassy: Minister Counsellor Augusto Massari, who already extensivly presented the 2015 recap and 2016 goal of the Embassy during the Gala Dinner.

More than one-hundred Chinese investors, enterpreneurs and media attended. During the event had been presented the Italian Startup Visa (ISV), the new project of the Italian government focused on attracting foreign capitals (both financial and human) in the lively ecosystem of the Italian startups.

Vivan Ding, CEO of GDOS group, one of the top Chinese outbound investment company said that “just like Marco Polo, we believe in the cultural and economic exchange are the keys of positive development of both Italian and Chinese society”. Ms. Ding continued stressing their partnership with TechSilu and then said “our goal is to introduce the best Italian Startups and promising talents to our top investors all over China”

FR @ Embassy GDOS event 20160318
TechSilu President Francesco Rossi

After Ms. Ding, it was time for TechSilu President and co-founder, Mr. Francesco Rossi, who stressed the fact that TechSilu aims to build a platform where to facilitate, build and develop new synergies and connections between Italy and China: “we firmly believe that the new innovative starups are the hubs around which revolvs not only the economy, but mainly the cohesion and passion. We want to fuel this passion and drive this constant development in order to confirm that Italian enterpreneurship is still able to impact the whole World. The investors that are attending today will be able to leave a clear footprint on the Italian Startup System”

” Invest in Italy, Invest in your Future ” last speaker had been Mattia Corbetta, responsible in the MISE (Italian Ministry of the Economic Development) for the Innovative Startups policy and the Italian Startup Visa. Mr. Corbetta explain in details this new Visa procedure and investment opportunity and announced that thanks to TechSilu the Italian Autorities just released the nulla osta to the first Chinese investor.

Thanks to the joint effort of TechSilu and GDOS and the help of the Italian Chamber of Comerce, MISE and the Italian Embassy, this event had been a great success both for the Startups, as well as the investors.