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Weaving Digitaloom

Weaving the strings of a loom is one of the first technologies invented by the human kind, to make their own clothes in order to cover themselves and be protected. Now in this Fourth Industry Revolution, we can easily see this kind of technology also for digital and innovation.

As long as October was our month of Innovation, we can’t miss to tell you about Internet Festival 2016, that is an event which every year takes place in Italy and gathers some of the most important business experts as speakers of various panels in order to debate and make workshops. That’s why Francesco Rossi, Co-Founder Tech Silu, has partecipated in a panel which theme was Creating added value for Italian Startup Ecosystem.

The event which Tech Silu joined, was a workshop without a stage, but just 4 round tables where a lot of early stage Startups and innovation experts sat to exchange precious advices, opinions and to answer to questions of the best way to have success. The goal is having a best digital scenario in Italy, and become a platform in order to launch Startups by 2030. To get this goal it’s ncessary to involve also universities, government, incubators and investors: all together can really make the difference.

<< Our goal is to develop a new generation of entrepreneurs and success stories generating value for startups and interesting opportunity to return to entrepreneurs, contributing to a new and better entrepreneurial ecosystem Italian-Chinese. For this reason, participation in events like Internet Festival is critical to the dissemination and sharing of our Vision.>> Told Francesco Rossi and Tommaso Ferruccio Camponeschi, Co-Founder and Partner of Tech Silu.

After the Internet Festival 2016, Silvia Givone (SocioLab) and Marco Serra (Open HUB), decided to make a report available. You can find it here: Internet Festival – Digitaloom Report.

This can make everybody be updated of all the new ideas and generate curiosity about Startup Ecosystem.