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Startup Monday: Foorban

A new online model food delivery that integrates food and logistics. Foorban is the first digital Milano restaurant.

After the weekend rest, it is Monday again. Monday is full of anticipation for the week it will follow, the challenges and success of a new week is waiting ahead of us. It is also the day in which we introduce a new SU which joined our association. This week we introduce you Foorban.

A new online model food delivery that integrates food and logistics. This Startup is the first digital Milano restaurant, thanks to the attentive care of every single step in order to guarantee the high quality of exclusivity, taste and service. The winning elements on which it is based are the selection of the freshest ingredients and prepare a different menu each day, ensuring delivery in record time.

There are three advantages of Foorban’s services:

  • Freshness: healthy and fresh food.
  • Innovation: innovative ways to cook, an evolved logistic and trend research.
  • Responsability: sustainability first of all.

A new entry of Tech Silu programs which are made to promote and empower the Italian startup ecosystem. The team strongly believe in a possibility for Foorban to develop in China.


Read more: www.foorban.com
Join us: www.f6s.com/techsilu/apply