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FOUNDERs & FUNDERs: a double interview with Velunia.

Behind every successful investment, there is a Story of strong collaboration between the Startup, the Chinese Entrepreneur and Tech Silu Team, both in Italy and China.

It is important to highlight some parts of this process that represents the key of Success in every and each investment operation which connects Founders and Funders not only on an investment level but also lays the foundation for a deeper and more significant cooperation between the parties.

This month, We @Tech Silu decided to shine a spotlight on Velunia the first Italian Marketplace in the Beauty sector, by interviewing Mr. Mauro Longhini ( CEO ) and Mrs. Xu Ruixue ( Chinese Entrepreneur ) about their success story: one of our latest operation on early-stage innovative Italian startup that perfectly reflects our mission to empower the Chinese and European Startup Ecosystem.

Firstly, lets find out more about Velunia.

Mauro Longhini: Velunia is the only online B2B2C platform on the market about professional beauty products with more than 80k different products, which combines online benefits and best price vantages while respecting professionals and consumers demand for high quality and safe products. The concept was born from the Need to buy professional products on a dedicated platform instead of a general marketplace, as often happens in Luxury product market. Velunia also provides professionals, experts and beginners with video tutorials about products, IT tools and management support.

At the very beginning of this year, the early-stage startup brought in a Chinese investor and entrepreneur, Mrs. Xu Ruixue who has a solid and similar background and believes firmly the project to be scalable in terms of growth and very appealing for the Asian market.

TS: “What are the main strong points that, given your similar experiences and backgrounds, could boost Velunia’s business in China?

Xu Ruixue: “China is set to become the world’s largest market for beauty products, with burgeoning demand for premium cosmetics that knows no borders. The rise of China’s consumer class has presented something even more promising for beauty brands and their investors: a massive, fast-growing market of people who increasingly want to buy premium and high-quality products. The Asian market is ready and the consumers are mostly well educated and willing to spend and buy more safe and premium products, especially in this very particular sector.
I am looking forward to joining Velunia’s team in Italy, contributing to its development and growth in both the European and Asian markets.”

TS: “What does this investment mean to Velunia and its future developments?

Mauro Longhini: “This investment represents a very important milestone in our development process and a fundamental boost to improve Velunia’s services for our clients and, most importantly, a privileged door to the Asian Market.

TS:Do you plan to move the Company in another Country/market?”

Mauro Longhini:No, Velunia is a Made in Italy product and even if I started the project when I was between Novara and Sweden ( they were so important to me and I will thank them forever ) its core is Italian and will remain in Italy, where I will be in charge of the Company to continue safeguarding our clients interests and guarantee the very ideals of the project. Internationally speaking, we have already partnered with EU and extra EU companies in order to grow the beauty products business together and we are always happy to accept new international partners: every startup should be on a worldwide mood.”

TS: ” How long have you been working on this partnership?”

Mauro Longhini: “It is not easy to reach and gain the interest of the investors that focus on early-stage startups, especially in Italy. However, in the past months, I started to work on different levels of fundraising and that’s when I met Tommaso Camponeschi, partner of Tech Silu, an international group which develops synergies between the Italian and the Chinese Startup Ecosystem.
They helped me in finding the right Chinese entrepreneur which was not only interested in the investment opportunity but was also committed to
help in terms of network and business development.
Thanks to Tech Silu, the operation just concluded and I look forward to meeting the Investor once again in Italy. This is still the beginning of Velunia’s: the team is working very hard every day to improve and better our services.”

TS: “What are Velunia’s next steps?”

Mauro Longhini: “Velunia is and will continue to be the Hub of all professional beauty products & markets and in my opinion we shall cooperate more with companies in the beauty sector, matching Velunia’s skills and advantages with other companies such as booking online, tools manager, video productions, influencers. Another line to develop is tighten the cooperation with professional distributors and more generally with all the professionals ( from hairstylists to beauticians) that want to group up and fast grow under Velunia’s lead, helping them in every needs. Most of the companies, in fact, choose to work alone even when they know they need help. I prefer giving and receiving strength and energy from partnership and cooperations, therefore we have now a new department to take care of international relationships.”

TS: “What tip do you want to give to other startups which are looking for an investment?”

Mauro Longhini: “A suggestion to save time?Don’t listen to people who are more into talking and less into doing: choose partners that talk through facts and always deliver.”


Learn more about Velunia HERE!

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