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The fourth Italy – China Business forum and what it means for Start-ups

During this week two events linked to China and Italy happened. The first is the visit of Italian President Sergio Mattarella and his meeting with the Chinese President Xi Jinping. The second was the fourth China – Italy Business Forum, particularly important for the whole Italian-System, and with some good news for the Italian Start-up…Read More

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The impact of Chinese Ethnic Economy and Entrepreneurship on Italian SMEs ecosystem

How Chinese immigrants entrepreneurs are contributing to the Italian SMEs economy and growth. Entrepreneurship in China has grown at an exponential rate forging disruptive changes not only to China but increasingly also to the rest of the world. China’s entrepreneurial spirit runs deeper than just in business. It manifests itself in the government and in…Read More


Training the Future

To deal with innovation means also to be constantly receptive to learn and pursue something new Learning is the base and foundation of everything. We learn to speak and walk at a very small age, we learn to deal with others while we grow up and then we learn to read and write. And the…Read More

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Green is Gold : latest trends about China’s Green Entrepreneurship

China is the largest and fastest growing emerging market for environmental technologies. Let’s have a closer look to its policies on this regard The overall environmental technologies market in China (including goods and services) is valued at USD 60.7 billion (2016). During the last G20 summit in Hangzhou, China, the state of the global economy featured…Read More

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The great October: a month of innovation.

October, in Italy, is the month of innovation and we wouldn’t dream to miss it! As every year, October brings with it many events full of innovation. Being an association with the purpose of keeping the pace with innovation and new synergies between Europe and Asia, TechSilu Team decided to partecipate to the two most important…Read More

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Entrepreneurship with Chinese Characteristics

What should we learn from China’s Topnotch Venture Capitalists In the past twenty years, China’s Venture Capital industry has gone through what Chinese call “The five waves”: from Internet to Search Engines; from Social Media to E-commerce and finally to Mobile Internet. Strictly linked to China Entrepreneurship with its up and down, success and failure,…Read More


Founder&Funder relationship

What you get is not what you are It’s 8AM, I notice on my phone I have a missed call. To be fair it’s one of many of the last days. I have been dealing with loads of information over my working and my off time that has made me quite weary of picking up…Read More