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The fourth Italy – China Business forum and what it means for Start-ups

During this week two events linked to China and Italy happened. The first is the visit of Italian President Sergio Mattarella and his meeting with the Chinese President Xi Jinping. The second was the fourth China – Italy Business Forum, particularly important for the whole Italian-System, and with some good news for the Italian Start-up…Read More


Trending in China: Car Sharing

China is the perfect recipient for a huge development of car sharing services. As the sharing economy is getting more and more traction all over the globe, so is in China. We already saw the fast improvement in the bike sharing services in China in the last few months. I strongly believe that in the…Read More

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Weaving Digitaloom

Weaving the strings of a loom is one of the first technologies invented by the human kind, to make their own clothes in order to cover themselves and be protected. Now in this Fourth Industry Revolution, we can easily see this kind of technology also for digital and innovation. As long as October was our…Read More

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Success Stories: ONTC – Fencing Equipment

One of the first Innovative Startup that has joined Tech Silu’s China focused internationalisation programs has recently closed an important funding round! When hard work gives us excellent results, the only thing we can do is telling about all the story and shout: Mission Achieved! One of the first Innovative Startups that has joined Tech Silu’s China focused…Read More


Trending in China: Bike Sharing

Couple of weeks ago we talked about the focus the Chinese market is putting on Virtual and Augmented Reality. This week it is time to explore a much less technology-dense sector that is nevertheless attracting a lot of attention and investments: bike-sharing. At the beginning of September I was in the Haidian District on the…Read More


Trending in China: Virtual Reality

Living in a big and lively city as Beijing for as long as I have and you start seeing patterns and connections between the macro trends and the everyday life. You just need to pay attention to details. When I saw the second article about Virtual Reality (VR), I instantly new that this was a…Read More


September updates: it’s just the beginning

The last few months have been a blast. Too many things happened and we almost had zero time to update the blog. We *should* feel sorry for our absence but to be honest we are so excited for the dramatic acceleration we had! Just to mention the most recent events: Warda and ONTC – two…Read More

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Chongqing Investment Fair

Thanks to the invitation of the Italian Consulate of Chongqing, TechSilu attended the 19th China Chongqing International Investment and Global Sourcing Fair (CCISF) from the 19th to the 22nd of May. Within the International Pavilion, the Italian Pavilion had an outstanding visibility both of the general public and the media, thanks to the work of…Read More

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Italian Startup – The Road to Success

Beijing, March 18th – At the Italian Culture Insitute inside the Italian Embassy, it had been hold the event ” Invest in Italy, Invest in your Future: experience the Italian beauty & innovation”. Italians, just like Chinese, are historically well known to be inventors and innovators. Nowadays, Italian Startup environment is lively and focused on…Read More